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Magnetic Sensing & Energy Harvesting

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Wiegand sensors are a type of magnetic sensor which do not require any external power source to work. The special properties of the sensor enable it to generate consistent pulses every time the magnetic field polarity changes.



Pulse edges can be easily detected, making Wiegand perfect for counting, metering, proximity detection and triggering applications



Pulse energy can be easily harvested to generate ‘event-triggered’ power for electronic circuits and wireless communications

The Unique Characteristics of Wiegand

Wiegand sensors’ unique features include; non-contact electromagnetic harvesting, triggered energy pulses, consistent pulse energy levels, the ability to trigger events at high frequencies and the ability to generate millions of pulse events without any reduction in energy. These characteristics make them ideal for a variety of applications that require reliable pulse energy or high frequency triggering or counting.



  • No Mechanical Parts

  • Maintenance Free

  • Reliable


Frequency Independent

  • Consistent Energy at Any Speed

  • Even Very Low Speed

  • High Signal to Noise Ratio


Self-powered Sensing

  • Self Powered and Intrinsically

  • Safe Magnetic Sensing

  • Energy for Wireless Communication

Wiegand Technology Enters the Next Cycle in its Evolution


UBITO is a new brand of the FRABA Group to take Wiegand Technology into large new market segments. Over the last fifteen years and under the brand POSITAL, significant expertise and a strong team has been built focusing on Wiegand wire production and the application of Wiegand Sensors in multiturn rotary encoders. The brand name UBITO brings to mind the word ‘ubiquitous’ and the concept of reaching far and wide. By combining references to the latin words ‘Ubi’ (where) and ‘Ito’ (imperative of “to go”), the name indicates the drive for Wiegand Technology to spread across a wide and growing field of applications.

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